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Oct 29th - Nov 1st, 2015 - Beijing, China
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Hundred of Museums and Enterprises showed up in the Cultural Relics & Museums Exhibition of ICCIE

Jan 10, 2013 10:11:48 AM

Peoplenet.com Beijing reports on Dec.23rd, 2012 by Journalist Yu Ronghua: The 7th ICCIE Beijing was opening in Beijing International Exhibition Center between Dec. 20thand 23rd 2012.As a key exhibition hall of the major exhibition venue of 7th ICCIE, the “Cultural Relics & Museum-related Cultural Creative Products Exhibition Hall”, which was located in 1-2B Area of major exhibition venue, also showed up splendidly. This exhibition hall had gathered 120 museums, enterprises from more than 20 regions all over China; they were focusing to exhibit great achievement in recent years, and also showed very excellent non-heritage programs as well as wonderful cultural creative programs of domestic museums and cultural creative enterprises.

“Cultural Relics and Museum-related Products and Technologies Exhibition Hall” insist to build a gallery image of museums, by theme of museums and cultural arts and crafts, they have chose ten museums from Beijing to enter into this gallery such as Capital Museum, Prince Gong Mansion, Beijing Stones Carving Arts Museum, The Museum of Xizhou Yandu Site, Beijing Ancient Coins Museums and so on. They have gathered to show their good spiritual looks of Museums in Capital City Beijing.
Beijing Prince Gong Mansion and The Museum of Xizhou Yandu Site were the first time to show up in ICCIE. Beijing Prince Gong Mansion mainly exhibited the cultural creative products developed by Gong Mansion, they also played the melodrama of “Owners of Gong Mansion”, which was produced and directed by staffs in Gong Mansion themselves in the Promotion Show, this has helped people to know its history by a very vivid play, and explained its cultural intension of “Gong Mansion will tell you the story of Qing Dynasty” by using this kind of flexible method.
The Museum of Xizhou Yandu Site has exhibited Xizhou Museum’s new achievements of archaeological excavation and cultural creativities in this ICCIE, and it also showed ancient Beijing's style as the source of 3000 years history by cultural Creativities.
The annual contract value of Beijing area has covered 70% of Chinese Cultural Relics' Total Contract Value in market every year, which is the No.1 in Chinese Cultural Arts & Crafts Exchange. As an important part of Beijing Cultural Arts & Crafts' Trading Market, Beijing Cultural Relics Company also showed up in this ICCIE, they had mainly promoted their brand image as Beijing Time-honored Cultural Relics Store. 
As the two leading companies of Beijing Cultural Relics Industry, Beijing Antique City and Tianya Antique City were both appeared in this ICCIE, the two antique cities will show audiences the excellent delicate antiques and arts & Crafts by cultural and artistic special decoration.
As the only time-honored brand in cloisonné industry and the major inheritor of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage, Beijing Enamel Factory has exhibited the most high-end cloisonné crafts developed and produced in recent years in ICCIE, as well as the production technologies, production procedures of cloisonné, also the history and honors of Beijing cloisonné Factory.